Jason was born and raised in Massachusetts, and because the internet had not yet been invented he spent most of his free time playing outside with the neighborhood kids making up games and stories (and getting bullied by two brothers who grew up to become strapping handsome firefighters—there is no god.) 
Jason engaged in indoor activity too; his dad bought a Bauer Super 8mm film camera that featured a magical "single frame" setting, and Jason spent hundreds of hours indoors making stop-motion movies. Some of them were actually in focus and correctly exposed. 
His first "real" movie was shot on a VHS camcorder in the summer of 8th grade and edited between two VCRs. He made it with his best friends, Matt and Norm, and it was called "There Are Crazies in the Woods." It was based on a shared paranoid lie told to them by all their mothers. The movie received polite praise from elderly relatives of the filmmakers but had one catastrophic logic flaw in the writing: in a flashback we learn that the main character's grandfather had been abducted by aliens and never seen again—at age nine.
Jason remembers the scene vividly because he was the one stuck playing the part of the 9-year-old grandfather getting abducted by aliens. He tucked his pants into his hiked-up gym socks so that they would look like knickers from ye olden times, whimpered convincingly in boy-like falsetto, and pulled himself up out of frame onto a tree branch to appear like he was getting sucked up into a spaceship tractor beam. 
Shockingly, many years later, various professional folks trusted Jason to make legit short form video content for network TV, digital, and social. Some of that stuff is featured on the "WORK" page linked above. 
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